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Elgin Flat Roof Replacement


For this Elgin Flat Roof Replacement, the entire flat Roof required full roof replacement. During the roof replacement installation, we  removed the existing modified roofing rubber to expose the sheathing on the house. Before continuing, we inspected the sheathing for any issues. A total of 27 qty. 4ftx8ft sheets of plywood were needing replacement. After Assuring proper roof decking we installed a Peel and Stick base sheet. We were then able to torch down 25 rolls of granulated modified bitumen. Because the room addition to the house was not engineered correctly, a load bearing structural header was required. The Header consisted of qty. 2x  (4in x 4in x 8ft) Beams to support the roof of the room addition. Also all the insulation and drywall of the room additions ceiling were damaged and needed to be replaced.


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